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Fabstar Industrial is a locally owned and operated welding and fabricating company residing in Tuscaloosa. We’ve collected a team of a talented designers, welders, and machinists who take pride in enhancing the quality and appearance of our community. We serve as the experts who know how to keep your projects on a clear and deliver results on time.


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Fabstar Industrial is a proud team of welding specialists and metal fabricators who strive to serve the residents and businesses in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. Every day we seek to further enhance and support our fabrication experience in an effort to deliver you the highest quality possible.


We specialize in galvanized steel fabrication, welding, heavy metal fabrication, repairs, and architectural metals. Fabstar Industrial delivers the high quality results on each and every project we provide for our clients.

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Quickly & Easily Get Quality industrial stairs, ladders, and work platforms to improve workplace safety and achieve regulatory compliance.

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